Even though the major benefit of taking water is for the maintenance of life, there are a wide variety of these advantages. Despite the fact that a person can go for days without water, for one to function well and also the normal physiological body processes to take place, hydration is very important. Loss of excess water in the body may lead to thickening of the blood which interprets to poor perfusion of the vital systems including the brain which may cause serious conditions or even death. In the body, water is found in all the body cavities in varying amounts and it acts as a shock absorber as well as a lubricant.

For the survival of a person, water is an essential factor as it aids in the different physiological and biochemical processes that take place. Defecationa, sweating and urination are some of the ways through which one gets to excrete excess water from the body.

In case a person loses more water from the body either due to diarrhea or vomiting, there are also ions that are taken a long which are important in the maintenance of the hydration status and this may result in dehydration.  At such a time, the body’s response to dehydration becomes activated and a person then stops losing water via urine plus also gets thirst and should therefore take a lot of water so as to restore the body to its normal physiological state.

In some other instances also for example in the treatment of hypovolemia, water is normally administered as a drug. In the case of the renal stones, water dissolves the calcium that is present in the kidney stones that are obstructing the flow of the urine hence leading to the evacuation of such stones. Learn more about water at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/water.

For the clearance of acne, most of the medical professionals advise the patients to make sure that they drink a lot of ASEA water in a day so as to increase the rate of excretion of toxins from the body. With the adequate intake of  water, a person can achieve a skin that is glowing, free from acne.

Also, for those people who are taking chemotherapeutic agents, they are advised to take a lot of water at regular intervals on a daily basis so as to help with the clearing of the agents from the body. All the chemotherapeutic agents can have end organ damaging effects if they accumulate to very high toxic levels either in the body or in the specific organs and therefore then need to facilitate their excretion through increased ASEA water intake.


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